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Yearout Energy Services delivers integrated solutions that manage energy to optimize the design, efficiency, productivity, and maintenance of a wide range of buildings and infrastructure. Yearout Energy Services offers solutions to generate cost and energy savings, improve occupancy comfort levels, enhance operational environments and reduce carbon footprints. Yearout Energy Services is built to maximize efficiency and longevity of current assets.


Our vision is to be the leading smart energy services company providing self-funded energy projects that combine turnkey mechanical, electrical, renewable and energy efficiency projects to our customers.


Our mission is to improve learning and business environments for our customers by reducing energy and operating costs through technical expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of energy conservation measures.

Yearout Energy Markets


Yearout Energy Services understands what goes into running a college or university campus. We seek to help you optimize your aging infrastructure and offer a way to finance your upgrade or retrofit projects. Yearout Energy Services enables you to better manage utility bills by modernizing campus buildings to be both comfortable and energy efficient.


Yearout Energy Services uses innovative infrastructure solutions to free up resources without disrupting operations and comfort or disturbing other daily student classes and activities. Energy-efficient school buildings serve as a teaching model for conservation values and create better learning environments. Energy costs will decline and students will feel safer and more comfortable with appropriate lighting, sound, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, color and air quality.


Healthcare facilities have a duty to promote a healing environment for patients. As energy bills climb, it becomes very difficult to support that duty while balancing energy reduction, patient and staff satisfaction, and reliability and comfort. Yearout Energy Services establishes measures that decrease operational costs while providing reliability and enriching patient and staff comfort.


Municipalities play an important role in leadership and implementation for minimizing energy consumption. Yearout Energy Services conducts energy efficiency audits, implements solar and LED lighting installations and maximizes heating and cooling efficiencies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Yearout Energy Services can significantly reduce utility consumption in commercial buildings by improving indoor air quality, temperature comfort and natural lighting which will increase worker productivity and environmental responsibility.


Yearout Energy Services can significantly reduce utility consumption in commercial buildings by improving indoor air quality, temperature comfort and natural lighting which will increase worker productivity and environmental responsibility.


Yearout Energy Services, through Enabling Legislation, has been awarded state contracts to procure Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPC) to modernize infrastructure. Improving operational and behavioral efficiencies pays for capital expenditure which minimizes the impact on annual budgets.


Yearout Energy Services

Building Energy Efficiency

Yearout Energy Services is a General Building Contractor and a licensed Mechanical Contractor in New Mexico, specializing in evaluating and implementing energy efficiency-focused building projects. Yearout Energy Services optimizes older buildings through upgrades to major systems to deliver energy and maintenance savings.

Data Collection

Every system that consumes energy is evaluated. This includes interior and exterior lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, water generation and architectural elements. The evaluation incorporates reviewing energy bills, operating procedures, mechanical and electrical system designs, installed conditions and maintenance practices. Yearout Energy Services also takes future facility uses and projects into consideration.

Energy Modeling

The development of energy models for a building is an advanced tool for identifying and proposing improvement opportunities for electrical, mechanical and control systems. Yearout Energy Services provides an accurate modeling of proposed modifications, a schematic layout, and a guaranteed cost savings analysis.

Comprehensive Project Management Approach

Every project is unique and requires a special road map. Yearout Energy Services’ vast experience with effective project management translates into successfully completed projects that are on time, within budget and have consumed fewer resources.

Tailored Financing and Contracting

Yearout Energy Services works alongside you or your representatives to find the best financing solution while optimizing rebates and credits.

Customized Installation

Yearout Energy Services’ business is built on providing uncompromised installation excellence.

Measurement and Verification

Yearout Energy Services follows the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to quantify and verify the results of energy efficiency investments.

Operations and Maintenance Support

Keeping equipment and systems in top condition is a key element in retaining building energy efficiency. We have teamed with Yearout Service, ensuring your building continuously runs at top performance through preventative maintenance and service. Visit the Yearout Service website by clicking the link below.
Service & Maintenance

Energy Cogeneration

Yearout Energy Services encourages the development of on-site power systems that produce electric power and thermal energy simultaneously. This cogeneration of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System is a proven technology that cuts CO2 in half and reduces the cost and consumption of energy.
In contrast, businesses who purchase electricity from a utility provider and then make their own heat are actually paying twice—first for electricity and then for heat production. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the traditional method of separating the production of heat and power has a combined efficiency of 45%. CHP systems operate at the efficiency level of 80%.
Yearout Energy Services also offers tri-generation solutions, providing heat, power and cooling through absorption chillers.

Benefits of Energy Cogeneration
  • The LEED Green Building Rating System recognizes cogeneration as points toward a certified building.
  • Earn tax credits.
  • Advance environmental goals by reducing pollutants like C02 and carbon.
  • Improve energy security and reliability.
  • Save money on energy bills and hedge against unstable energy costs.
  • Improve energy efficiency by using heat that is normally wasted and that requires less fuel.

Energy Management

Yearout Energy Services uses Building Automation Systems (BAS) to bring various independent systems together with the goal of reducing energy and maintenance costs and improve overall service life. This allows the building environment to operate within predetermined ranges and provides lighting and comfort based on an occupancy and operational schedule. Energy management affords the ability to pro-actively monitor system performance.
Yearout Energy Services’ initiative is to generate a positive change in an organization imparting the comprehensive knowledge of the building’s energy routine. Yearout Energy Services believes a building needs to be understood, monitors and adjusted for optimal energy performance.

Benefits of Energy Management

More Control

Energy Management gives greater control of energy usage in order to meet expectations and goals.

Real-Time Status

Energy Management provides real-time status of a building's operations and energy consumption.

Demand Response

Energy Management incorporates demand response strategies into building control systems.

Seamless Integration

Energy Management seamlessly integrates HVAC and air quality systems. Renewable energy, metering, lighting, security, fire alarm and gas detection modules all allow for a single
point access.


Yearout Energy Services recognizes that funding is an important consideration when planning energy efficiency projects. We work with lenders and financial advisors to help them understand the proposed scope of work and the guaranteed return on investments.
Our financial relationships allow you to secure all the benefits of efficiency while deferring the purchase price. The following approaches are available through a Yearout Energy Services project. Hover over them to learn more information.

Benefits of Financial Relationship

Energy Saving Performance Contracts

ESPC is a turnkey approach where a third-party financial institution pays all upfront costs involved and a portion of the savings from the energy upgrade is paid back over a set term.

Power Purchase Agreements

PPA is a key instrument of project finance. Under the PPA option, the building owner allows the installment of a generation resource, like a Photo-Voltaic (PV) system, and agrees to purchase the stable electricity for a low price on a fixed term.

Public-Private Partnerships

P3 is a contract between a public sector authority and a private party. The private party designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains a project and assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the project.

Renewable Energy

As energy resources diminish and the demand for energy rises, these renewable technologies can be a great alternative. It is our goal to help satisfy the growing demand for renewable energy solutions in order to reduce energy price volatility, minimize carbon footprint, ensure the reliability of energy supply and decrease operational costs.

Yearout Energy Services’ focus on Renewable Energy Technology includes:

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Geothermal Energy Systems
  • Waste to Energy

Check out the National Resources Defense Council for more information on the benefits of Renewable Energy.



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